The ultimate power couple for your workout routine, Sweet Sweat Tropical and Xtra Coverage Waist Trimmer. The tropical scent of Sweet Sweat Tropical, infused with pineapple and coconut, will transport your senses and keep you feeling fresh and energized even after your toughest workouts. The easy-to-apply roll-on gel stick is formulated to promote sweating, slimming, and toning, helping you maximize the intensity and speed of your sweat during exercise.With the Xtra Coverage Waist Trimmer, you get wider coverage for an enhanced sweating experience. This waist trimmer is designed with reinforced structure and torso compression to provide stability, while the non-slip design ensures that you can focus on your workout without constantly adjusting your trimmer. The Xtra Coverage Waist Trimmer is also flexible and can be worn during any workout, from yoga to HIIT.Get the most out of your workouts with the wider coverage and tropical scent, and take your fitness game to the next level.

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Man wearing Sweet Sweat® Xtra Coverage waist trimmer stretching outside.
More Coverage is HereWider than the original Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer, our Xtra Coverage Trimmer is here to maximize your workout and give you an enhanced sweating experience.
STABILITY - Reinforced structure and torso compression
NON-SLIP - Focus on your workout and not adjusting your trimmer
FLEXIBLE - Wear during any workout, from yoga to HIIT
Woman in workout attire, exercising using a weighted kettlebell.
Sweet Sweat TropicalTransport your senses and enhance performance with Sweet Sweat Tropical. An infusion of dreamy pineapple and refreshing coconut add a tropical twist to keep you smelling fresh, even after your workout.
SIMPLE - Easy application, minimal cleanup
TARGETED - Hit hard-to-reach and slow-to-respond areas
FRESH - Scents that keep you smelling great during & after workouts