Wherever you choose to break a sweat, this bundle has everything you need to jumpstart your total body workout. Customize your Workout Essentials Bundle by choosing from three Jump Rope styles. Each bundle comes with Core Sliders and your choice of Loop, Resistance, or Hip Bands so you can tone and glide your way to the ultimate on-the-go workout experience.
Woman using Sweet Sweat® Core Sliders to workout.
Raise Your Sweat Game
I absolutely love this product. I can use it in my apartment on my hardwood floors, or outdoors when I am on hikes. There are several different workouts you can incorporate into your routine with the ab core sliders. - Erik
Love using my bands to get a quick and efficient workout in! The quality is great and they are perfect to get a good sweat on on the go! No excuses with these bands. - Sarahy
Woman using Sweet Sweat® core sliders and Sweet Sweat® yoga mat to workout.
Stay Healthy
Stay FitSweet Sweat Core Sliders are the perfect way to get your ab workout in, no matter where you are. With a plastic side for soft surfaces and a foam side for hard surfaces, you won’t have any excuses left to not get those perfectly sculpted abs you’ve been dreaming about.
Sweet Sweat® jumprope, features and benefits infographic.
Stop Jogging
Start JumpingDid you know 10 minutes of jumping rope is equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging? No matter if you're just starting out with the Cable Jump Rope, wanting to use the removeable weight in the handles of the Pro Jump Rope, or doing double-unders with the Speed Rope. Pick the one that's best for you and get jumping!