Same great Trimmer. Now in all blue. Grab this bundle to get the newest Paige Hathaway Waist Trimmer with a full size Citrus Mint Sweet Sweat Stick (hand picked by Paige herself) and our Trimmer Cleaning Spray. Everything you need to upgrade your workout.The Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer is designed to help you achieve your fitness goals with a comfortable, adjustable fit. To find your size, measure your stomach from your back to your belly button. The waist trimmer features dual adjustable straps for better back support and a tighter cinch, ensuring a customized fit for each individual. The product is made with Extra Thick, CR Neoprene for superior heat insulation, and its grid inner lining prevents moisture absorption, minimizing slipping and bunching during your workout.

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Informed ChoiceInformed Choice
Leaping Bunny CertifiedLeaping Bunny Certified
UFC Official PartnerUFC Official Partner
Paige Hathaway sitting down while wearing a Sweet Sweat® Paige Hathaway waist trimmer.
To The Next LevelWe teamed up with one of the best in the business to deliver the ultimate performance in waist trimmers. With additional straps, this Trimmer provides more support for your workout and changes as your body does.
XS/S 36" Length x 8.5" Width
MED/LRG 48in Length x 9in Width
XL/XXL 62" Length x 10" Width
Two women, one applying Sweet Sweat® topical cream to her abdomen, and the second stretching while wearing a Sweet Sweat® Paige Hathaway waist trimmer.
Better TogetherWaist Trimmers & Sweet Sweat go together like Paige & Blue so we asked her to pick a scent for this new bundle. And we definitely think she made the right choice since Citrus Mint adds a refreshing twist to any workout, just like this all blue Trimmer.
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