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IGEN™ Non-GMO TestedIGEN™ Non-GMO Tested
IFOS 5-Star CertifiedIFOS 5-Star Certified
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Get More From Your Fish OilJust one of our Triple Strength Omega-3 softgels provides 3x the strength of EPA & DHA in the triglyceride form. That means you only need to take one softgel per day instead of three to meet the recommended intake of omega-3— that's what we call getting more from your softgel. It's formulated with your lifestyle in mind, so you have more time to play.
Single Source Alaska Pollock
No “Fishy Burps” Or Aftertaste
No Fillers Or Fake Flavors
10-Step Refinement ProcessOur fish oil exceeds purity standards by ensuring that every step of the process is carefully controlled & monitored, starting with the initial catch. The oil is then processed through a 10 Step Refinement process to reach EPA / DHA Omega-3 concentrations as pure as 80-85%.
MSC Certified Sustainable & Traceable
IFOS 5-Star Certified
Exceeds Global Organization for EPA & DHA Standards
Product Image of Omega-3 Fish Oil from Wild Alaska Pollock
Certified High-Quality SupplementsAt Sports Research, we are endlessly dedicated to bringing you the latest innovations in health and wellness paired with our mission of providing superior products. That means only sourcing the highest quality ingredients from around the world and closely partnering with trusted manufacturers to bring you truly exceptional products. To us, the only way we can help you be your best, is to give you the best.
Non-GMO Tested
Third Party Tested
cGMP Compliant
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