Learn Why Raspberry Ketones Help You Burn Fat while Sleeping

Did you know that chili peppers not only add zing to your food? Apparently they can also make you lose weight faster and easier. Capsaicin, the pungent compound in chili peppers, is found to cause lipolysis or the breakdown of fats. This is exactly why nutritionists, dieticians, and fitness experts recommend chili-infused nuts as snacks instead of the fattening potato chips. Nuts on their own are already good for dieters but spicy peanuts are way better and much more effective at weight loss.

But if you're not really a fan of spice, you can still lose weight with an unlikely ally – raspberries. Red raspberries are found to contain an aromatic element called Raspberry Ketone that appears to assist in the quick breakdown of fat in body cells. It’s the newest natural thermogenic component that may help you quickly shed some unwanted pounds. Because of this, it’s become the latest diet supplement among fitness enthusiasts and medical experts around the country. In fact, the famous Doctor Oz himself called it the “miracle fat-burner in a bottle”.

Weightwatchers, Dieters, and Fitness Enthusiasts Rave about Raspberry Ketones

Ever since Dr. Oz featured Raspberry Ketones on his show, many have started taking Raspberry Ketone supplements, and it’s not a surprise that many seem delighted with the results. Weightwatchers and dieters have attested to the suppression of their appetites while some swear by the supplement’s aid in weight loss.

Many of those who’ve tried Raspberry Ketone also speak about its safety. This can be due to the fact that Raspberry Ketone comes from an all-natural source. According to Dr. Oz himself, there are no known side effects from the supplements. If you’re still hesitant about raspberry ketone’s benefits and have questions about its long-term health effects then you may want to take note of the fact that even the FDA considers the pure form of Raspberry Ketone generally safe. But before you go and grab whatever Raspberry Ketone supplement is available, be aware that not all dietary supplements contain pure forms of Raspberry Ketones. What this means is that you just can’t take any dietary supplement that has Raspberry Ketones stated on its label. You need to know what other ingredients it contains.

There are manufacturers that claim their supplements have pure Raspberry Ketones when in fact there are additives like caffeine, ephedrine, and more. This may be the reason for the changes in blood pressure, heartbeat, and breathing in some consumers, which are symptoms that you wouldn’t really welcome especially if you’re concerned about your health.

What Sets SportsResearch’s Razberi-K Apart

Where others fail, SportsResearch succeeds. The creator of the famous thermogenic supplement Sweet Sweat™ separates itself from the pack by coming up with a Raspberry Ketone-infused dietary supplement that takes the component to a whole new level. Introducing Razberi-K – an all-natural dietary supplement that aids in safe and effective weight management by enhancing lipolysis (breakdown of fat stored in fat cells) and promoting thermogenesis (increased production of heat in the body). What makes Razberi-K more effective is that it has no caffeine, no artificial ingredients, no soy, and no gluten. Razberi-K is also infused with EVOCO (extra virgin organic coconut oil) which has been found to further help in weight loss. According to a study published in the September 2004 issue of the “Clinical Biochemistry”, EVOCO can lower the levels of bad cholesterol and increase levels of good cholesterol. Brazilian researchers in a 2009 study also found that daily intake of EVOCO can help reduce belly fat (Source: LiveStrong.com). And since Razberi-K contains no caffeine, it’s been found to cause no effects on blood pressure, allowing you to lose weight without the frightening side effects.

Understanding Raspberry Ketone and Your Body

Just because Raspberry Ketone is said to work like a miracle, it doesn’t mean you have the luxury of living an idle, inactive life. As Dr. Oz has said, Raspberry Ketone is a booster, which means proper diet and exercise are still needed. Even if Razberi-K can suppress your appetite and help you burn more calories, eating healthy and working out with professional guidance will further optimize Raspberry Ketones calorie-burning benefits. A reminder; before you take Razberi-K, consult your doctor first, especially if you’re currently under treatment, if you’re taking other medicines, or if you have a medical condition.