Sports Research Green Coffee Bean Extract Reviews

People who have taken Green Coffee Bean Extract as weight loss supplements have observed that they lost a total of 4 to 7 pounds in as short as 3 weeks. Most have experienced no palpitations, shortness of breath, sleeplessness or anxiety. Even those who lead sedentary lifestyles find themselves losing weight. One even went on to say that the stomach ache she experienced with other weight loss supplements was something she hadn’t experienced with green coffee bean extract.

Sports Research Green Coffee Bean Extract with Svetol is a Dr. Oz-approved weight loss supplement because it comes up to standards that the respected doctor has set for purchasing green coffee bean extract supplements:

  • It has 45% chlorogenic acid for every 400 mg capsule.
  • It is stamped with Dr. Oz-approved Svetol.

In addition, Sports Research Green Coffee Bean Extract capsules are infused with 800 mg of extra virgin coconut oil with bioperine for optimized absorption. Customers have attested to the superior absorption qualities of Sports Research Green Coffee Bean Extract by stating that there was no bitter aftertaste that usually came with other brands. It is also important to note that extra virgin coconut oil has bad-cholesterol-reducing properties, proving that Sports Research Green Coffee Bean Extract has superior qualities that set it apart from the usual Green Coffee Bean Extract products.

The Chlorogenic Acid in Coffee May Be Your Ultimate Weight Loss Solution!

When we think of coffee, we usually think of a beverage that perks us up in the morning. But when it comes to weight loss almost without effort, we’re only talking of unroasted green coffee beans. These green coffee beans haven’t had the chlorogenic acid essential for weight loss dry roasted out of them. It is the chlorogenic acid in unroasted coffee beans that helps delay the absorption of glucose in the blood stream which in turn prevents sugar from turning into fat.

Dr. Lindsey Duncan (respected celebrity nutritionist and naturopath) doesn’t usually endorse weight loss supplements but the results of studies on green coffee bean extract’s weight loss benefits in scientific studies have led him to change his mind. According to Dr. Duncan, in a large scale study conducted by the American Chemical Society (in one of the largest scientific conferences in the world), green coffee beans’ potent weight loss effects on participants were proven by these statistics:

  • Participants lost a total of 17 pounds each.
  • They lost 10.5% of total body weight.
  • They lost a total of 17% of body fat.

And furthermore, Dr. Duncan states, the most important number to a nutritionist is the “0” side effects compared to other weight loss products using caffeine.

This brings us to another reason why green coffee bean extracts are devoid of the uncomfortable side effects of other weight loss supplements. But before we expound on the reasons for the “0” side effects, let us enumerate the uncomfortable side effects usually experienced when using other weight loss products.

  • Loss of breath.
  • Palpitations.
  • Anxiety.
  • Sweating.
  • Difficulty sleeping.

Trying to lose weight while putting yourself on a healthy diet; and routinely working out is hard enough as it is without you having to go through the discomfort of side effects. The reason behind green coffee beans’ 0 side effects is that it has only 23mg to 24mg of caffeine in it compared to a cup of coffee which typically has 100mg to 200mg.

In addition, green coffee bean extract is also proven to slow down heartbeat by 2 beats, which may mean that the chances of you having an attack of anxiety while taking the weight loss supplement is virtually nil.

Dr. Oz Declares Green Coffee Bean Extract a Magic Weight Loss Pill on National Television

After Dr. Lindsey Duncan touts the weight loss benefits of green coffee bean extract, Dr. Oz picks up on the weight supplement’s seemingly miraculous benefits and features the green coffee bean on his show, declaring it a “magic weight loss pill.” These were strong recommendations from a respected doctor who first got his break on the now defunct Oprah Show. But he can hardly be blamed for making such pronouncements with astounding facts staring him in the face. And the facts as enumerated by Dr. Lindsey Duncan on the Dr. Oz show are as follows.

Participants on 2,400 calorie intake had been put on green coffee bean extract for 12 weeks with no change in diet and lifestyle. After 12 weeks, the statistics say that:

  • They lost 10% of total body weight.
  • They lost 16% of total body fat.
  • Each participant lost 17 pounds.

The chlorogenic acid in green coffee beansmay helpburn glucose which in effect causes the body to burn fat stores for fuel. Green coffee bean extract may also help prevent fat from building up in the liver, allowing the liver to metabolize fat more quickly. This combination of actions is the secret behind green coffee bean extract’s potent weight loss effects.