Learn How Green Coffee Bean Extract Can Supercharge Your Metabolism to Burn Fat

If you’re like most people, you probably love waking up to the smell of coffee in the morning. But did you know that coffee can do more than just rev up your body? In fact, it revs up something more; it revs up your metabolism. If you’re now looking at your coffee cup with its dark brown brew (if you prefer it black), we’re not talking about THAT kind of coffee. We’re talking about Green Coffee. And when we talk of green coffee, we’re talking about unroasted coffee beans.

What’s so special about green coffee beans? Apparently, when roasted at 475 degrees, coffee loses a vital component in metabolism boosting - chlorogenic acid. Green coffee beans, which are unroasted, retain this metabolism booster and fat buster. The beans are simply ground and the resulting green coffee bean extract becomes an all-natural diet supplement ideal for helping optimize weight loss.

What Is Chlorogenic Acid and How Does It Work?

What’s not so surprising is, the solutions to some of your weight dilemmas usually stem from your kitchen cupboards. Ancient Asian health traditions work on ‘food as medicine’. This means that most health issues (which include excess weight) can be addressed by what we eat and/or drink.

So when we talk of chlorogenic acid, we’re not really talking of complicated chemicals manufactured by scientists in an ultra-sophisticated laboratory. Chlorogenic Acid is part of the polyphenol group. Polyphenols are usually found in fruits, berries and nuts, and are said to be powerful antioxidants that may help in your fight against free radicals (chemicals that may cause damage to the cells of the body).

Chlorogenic acid, on the other hand, helps slow down the release of glucose in your blood stream, preventing new fat cells from being created, which in turn causes your body to burn up existing fat stores for energy. But since chlorogenic acid is sensitive to temperature, it is only present in roasted coffee beans in insignificant amounts.

Don’t Take Our Word for It, Let the Experts Tell You All about Green Coffee Bean Benefits

In an episode of “The Dr. Oz Show”, legions of Dr. Oz followers got their answers to the question: Are green coffee beans the latest answer to getting rid of excess weight? Sniffing out the new trend in weight loss, Dr. Oz posed the question, “Green Coffee Bean Extract: Fat Burner or Fraud?”

The answer was revealed in an experiment involving 100 women ages 35 to 49, all of whom had problems with weight with BMIs ranging from 25 to 45. The women were divided into 2 groups. Half received the real green coffee bean extract (400 mg capsules) and the other half received placebos. All women were instructed to take the pills given them 3 times a day, 30 minutes before each meal. No changes were required in their diets or lifestyles; all they had to do was keep a food journal where they took note of everything they had eaten in the 2 weeks they were on the experiment.

At the end of 2 weeks, participants given the real green coffee bean extract lost an average of 2 pounds while those given the placebo lost 1 pound. This shows that despite sticking to the same eating habits and everyday lifestyle, you may shed excess weight if you take green coffee bean extract.

The Benefits of Sports Research Green Coffee Bean Extract with Svetol

Dr. Oz recommends that you don’t take any old green coffee bean extract. To reap the maximum benefits and get the biggest bang for your buck, purchase only capsules that have 45% chlorogenic acid. In addition, look for a brand that indicates Svetol.

The good news is Sports Research Green Coffee Bean Extract contains 45% chlorogenic acid for every 400 mg capsule. What’s more, it is stamped with the Dr. Oz-approved Svetol. But Sports Research Green Coffee Bean Extract doesn’t stop there. Each capsule is infused with 800 mg of extra virgin coconut oil with bioperine to optimize absorption.

Sports Research Green Coffee Bean Extract with Svetol may help you shed those excess pounds safely. And since the brand adheres to the high standards set by Dr. Oz, you’re sure that you’ll be getting the best results with your purchase. Get started on ridding yourself of excess poundage with Sports Research Green Coffee Bean Extract with Svetol and begin to feel lighter and healthier almost without effort. But of course for the most ideal results, a balanced diet, in tandem with regular workout routines are advisable.