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Weight Sweet

Keeping Your Weight Sweet

After a hard workout, you expect improvements in your physique. You’ve spent hours running on the treadmill, done countless rounds sparring and grappled your way around each corner of the mat to help lose some pounds before you weigh in. However, if you need a hand getting rid of those difficult extra pounds, now you can use the brilliant Sweet Sweat to aid you in your progress to get down to your desired weight class.

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Those Last Few Pounds

So, you managed to eat lean, use the diet plan outlined by Jeremy in this Issue’s “Grub,” training’s been going right, and tomorrow’s the big tournament so you jump on the scale and say, “What the Hell?” You’re 5 lbs over weight! Don’t panic, don’t starve yourself, don’t run a marathon, eliminate water intake, or any of the other things you’ve seen or heard done to shed those last few pounds. We’ll get you where you need to be to make weight and go on to victory.

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