Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a rapidly growing full contact combat sport that originated from the no holds barred Brazilian fighting events known as Vale Tudo. The popularity of the sport's premier professional organization, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), has thrust MMA and mixed martial artists into the limelight.

MMA fighters are some of the hardest working athletes in the world. In order to succeed in MMA, a fighter has to train in a number of grappling (Brazilian jiu-jitsu, freestyle wrestling, Greco-Roman wrestling, judo) and striking (boxing, karate, kickboxing, tae kwon do, Muay Thai), disciplines. Aside from constantly working on their fighting techniques, mixed martial artists also work on their strength and conditioning constantly.

Much like boxing, MMA bouts are fought in different weight classes. The UFC has seven: bantamweight (135 lbs), featherweight (145 lbs), lightweight (155 lbs), welterweight (170 lbs), middleweight (185 lbs), light heavyweight (205 lbs), and heavyweight (265 lbs). Training is a full time job. MMA fighters often follow strict diet regimens so they can maintain the weight required for their weight class.

Cut Weight, Not the Energy

Making weight is not an MMA fighter's favorite thing to do but it is a necessity. Doing it right requires physical and mental toughness. Doing it wrong can seriously impair a mixed martial artist’s abilities on fight night and flush weeks of hard work in the training camp down the drain.

A 2011 California State Fullerton study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research showed that wrestlers who cut more than four percent of their body mass before a match experienced "significantly higher levels of confusion on the day of the competition." This suggests that cutting weight drastically can also affect an MMA fighter's state of mind.

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