CrossFit is an extreme and high-intensity workout that is sweeping America and other countries around the world. It incorporates components of athletics, bodybuilding and gymnastics that you can do alone or with a group, for general fitness and as a base for certain sports.

This genre of physical training has been used for several years by firefighters, law enforcement agencies and military personnel including the Canadian Army, Colorado State Patrol, Des Moines Police Department, Honolulu Fire Department, Jacksonville Sheriff’s Department, and Miami FBI SWAT team. Now, this demanding fitness program is fast becoming mainstream in North America and other parts of the world.


CrossFit’s short but brutal regimens challenge your balance, flexibility, endurance, power, strength and toughness -- both in body and mind. It combines aerobic and strength training, allowing you to increase your strength, builds muscle and burn fat fast. The high-intensity exercises boost your metabolism after exercising for a longer period of time, which means you'll burn more calories and have more energy long after your workout. CrossFit is definitely one of the best workouts today.

Thousands of people around the world -- athletes and regular fitness enthusiasts alike -- follow the CrossFit training program not only to boost their fat loss and bodybuilding efforts but also to increase their resistance against fatigue. Each CrossFit Workout of the Day (WOD) provides a different challenge. Collectively, CrossFit workouts are designed to raise your fitness to heights that you have never reached before.


Because of the intense exercises involved, crosfitters are more prone to muscle fatigue and injuries. Sweet Sweat helps increase your energy by improving circulation and vasodilation while you perform these extreme exercises.*

Improving circulation means letting more oxygen and nutrients flow in your body. As a result, this will fuel your energy and remove metabolic by-products such as lactic acid more efficiently. In the context of tissue healing, vasodilation is crucial to assist the regeneration of tissues after the stage of acute and active swelling due to intense exercise. The increased blood flow encourages the re-establishment and reactivation of capillary beds around the injured parts. This ensures that the nutrients in your body are working hard to heal your fatigued muscles and joints.

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