Contact Sports

Contact Sports

Contact sports have been around since the ancient Olympics. The term “contact sport” includes both team sports like basketball, baseball, football, and hockey as well as combat sports like boxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo, karate, Muay Thai, taekwondo, and wrestling.

In the United States, the top four team sports are football, baseball, basketball, and hockey.

A dedication to physical fitness and training is required in order to succeed in the NCAA, as well as in the big leagues -- the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL. Claiming a spot in a team’s roster is tough enough but staying in the league is tougher. Players need to train hard and train smart in order to avoid injuries and stay in peak condition.


Fighters are also no strangers to hard work. Boxers, mixed martial artists, wrestlers and other fighters that compete in different divisions need to hit the scales before their bouts. A champion boxer who doesn’t make weight loses his belt even if he wins the fight, which is fought at a catch weight. In non-title fights, if the overweight boxer continues, he will be sanctioned and the bout becomes a catch weight fight.

Competitors in combat sports know all too well that proper exercise will help them keep the unwanted weight off and build more muscle in the process. They also know that they can cut weight drastically, to the point of not eating days before the fight and staying in a sauna or steam room for prolonged periods because they can bulk up after the weigh-in and have a size advantage over their opponent.

However, the practice of drastically losing weight through exercising in a sweat kit and staying in the sauna for extended periods of time can actually lead to impairment of physiological functions. This is because the changes in the body's water and electrolyte content can disrupt multiple body processes, thus leading to:

  • Higher lactate levels in the blood which prevents you from exercising longer.
  • Impaired waste removal.
  • Increased risk of your body overheating due to the impairment of your sweat glands.
  • Lower blood and plasma volume which increases the burden on your heart to pump enough oxygenated blood to your working muscles.
  • Lower testosterone levels.
  • Reduced blood flow to the muscles.

In fact, losing weight can be fatal if unsafe methods are used. In 1997, three amateur wrestlers from Michigan, North Carolina, and Wisconsin died due to drastic weight loss. Don’t put your health and well being at risk by trying on drastic weight cut methods. By using Sweet Sweat, you can work hard and effectively cut water weight safely.


Sweet Sweat is a revolutionary workout enhancer and used by amateurs and professional athletes alike for over three decades. It was developed by fitness expert Jeff Pedersen, a three-time NCAA champion in baseball with the USC Trojans. Pedersen developed Sweet Sweat to boost the workout programs of athletes and fitness enthusiasts, making training easier and helping them reach their own fitness goals. Sweet Sweat is also used by top athletes like welterweight champion Mike “Machine Gun” Jones.

Applying Sweet Sweat to target muscle groups improves circulation to these areas. This helps speed up your warm-up and recovery time, making your training feel easier while helping you avoid aches, cramps, and pulls.*

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