As any bodybuilding pro will tell you, building muscle and transforming your body into your ideal physique takes time and effort. You can’t expect results overnight nor can you pull a Jedi mind trick on your body to make it ripped just in time for your date next week. Bodybuilding requires proper diet, the right exercises, and any effective advantage to give you that lean, fit body. With Sweet Sweat, you can maximize your bodybuilding efforts by helping you work out harder and longer through improved circulation and targeting those “slow to respond” problem areas (e.g. belly, buttocks, and thighs).*

You lose muscle mass as you age – something that can be prevented by doing strength training. Your risk of heart disease also decreases when your body is leaner. And this is why the American Heart Association recommends strength training for fat loss, specifically to lose abdominal fat – the type of fat that is most harmful to your heart.

How Sweet Sweat Enhances Workouts

Bodybuilding experts agree that lack of knowledge can lead to loss rather than gain when it comes to muscle growth. So aside from learning the basic principles that lead to maximum muscle mass, it is also important to explore options that can optimize your bodybuilding workouts. As an advanced workout enhancer, Sweet Sweat dramatically improves circulation and targeted sweating to enhance muscle activity so you can fight muscle fatigue.* Furthermore, increase circulation actually decreases the time it takes for the muscles to warm up. The increased blood flow removes stiffness alloying muscle tissues to become more elastic, reducing the risk of overstretching or tearing of fibers and connective tendons. Warmed up muscles also move faster and generate force more effectively than “cold muscles” making your workout more efficient. In a nutshell, Sweet Sweat can help make working out feel easier, while simultaneously reducing your risk of sustaining injuries including aches, cramps, and muscle pulls.* We guarantee that the more you use Sweet Sweat, the more you will feel the effects of an optimized exercise routine.*

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