The Top 10 Weight Loss Tips That Really Work

Written by Claire Basiloña on Wednesday, 19 February 2014.

We all know the two big rules of weight loss: Eat right and exercise regularly. But along those lines there's an overwhelming pieces of advice out there that's enough to make anyone run in the opposite direction.

Which of these are actually true? In this infographic, we listed 10 tips that can actually help shed those extra pounds and keep them off.


The Top 10 Weight Loss Tips That Really Work

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About the Author

Claire Basiloña

Claire Basiloña

Claire Basiloña is a contributor at SweetSweat.Com and writes about all the awesomeness that is absolute fitness. She combines her love for writing and her penchant for finding new ideas that help people stay in shape. To relax and calm the chattering monkeys in her head, she spends time reading novels, whipping something in the kitchen and hiking.

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