Dangerous Fat Burn Methods That You Should Avoid

Written by Francis Lucas on Thursday, 17 May 2012.

Dangerous Fat Burn Methods That You Should Avoid
Many people feel frustrated because they are unable to burn fat fast despite all of their efforts. When fad diets and poor exercise habits fail them, they often turn to dangerous fat burn methods. Boxers, mixed martial artists, wrestlers, and other athletes who are competing in weight-restricted sports often do more than just exercise hard and restrict their calories when they need to lose a considerable amount of weight. But regardless if you are a plain Jane/Joe or a superbly conditioned fighter, you should avoid using the following methods.

Colon Cleansing

Laxatives are used to empty the large intestine before the weigh-in, which can help a fighter lose about five pounds. However, the practice of oral colon cleansing does nothing to help you burn fat fast and does not contribute to your weight loss efforts because the calories that you have consumed have already been absorbed by your system by the time the laxatives take effect. Former World Extreme Cagefighting lightweight champion Gabe Ruediger infamously requested for colon cleansing therapy using plastic tubes at a hospital during his stint in The Ultimate Fighter 2. He was promptly sent home by the Ultimate Fighting Championship due to his weight cutting shortcuts.


Diuretics are natural or pharmaceutical substances that increase the amount of urine that you produce and discharge. These substances do not actually help you burn fat fast; they only make you lose water weight. Due to the excessive water loss, your body will start retaining water after several days, causing a vicious cycle of diuretic use.

Ipecac Syrup

Often taken by women suffering from anorexia and bulimia, ipecac syrup is used to induce vomiting as first aid for poisoning. Anorexics and bulimics who regularly use ipecac have an increased risk of cardiovascular conditions. Singer Karen Carpenter, a recovering anorexic, died in 1983 from a heart attack, as her heart was weakened by regular ipecac use.

Sweat Suits

Also known as sauna suits or plastics, sweat suits trap the heat generated by your body during intense exercise. The elevated body temperature causes heavy sweating and dehydration, which lead to temporary weight loss. The rapid increase in body heat is dangerous to your health. Actor Martin Lawrence collapsed in 1999 after jogging in the sweltering California heat while wearing a sweat suit. He was taken to a hospital and lapsed into a three-day coma. Fortunately, he recovered and did not suffer any major organ damage associated with severe dehydration.

The use of sweat suits was banned by the NCAA after three collegiate wrestlers who were trying to make weight for competitions died due to dehydration complications. USA Wrestling Gold Level coach Kenny Johnson does not recommend the use of sweet suits and prolonged sauna use. “Weight cutting is part of the sport. You need to do it safely and effectively. Don’t cut corners; make it a lifestyle,” Johnson said.

If you are not competing in a weight-restricted sport, there is no need for you to try the different methods for temporary weight loss. Having the proper diet and maintaining a regular exercise regimen will help you burn more calories than what you consume. There are no secrets to real weight loss but there are ways for you to get the most out of your workouts.

Using Sweet Sweat, the thermogenic workout enhancer, boosts circulation in targeted areas of your body, helping you exercise better, harder, and longer. As its name suggests, the product helps you break into a good sweat. But if you are not preparing for a weigh-in, the sweat you produce is not for temporary water weight loss but rather, a sign of the hard work that you are putting in so you can achieve your fat loss goals in the long run.

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  • Amila


    15 June 2012 at 11:44 |
    a really good way to lose wigeht without a diet is to drink 4 cups of water before every meal. this will fill you up, and youlle eat less, plus water is really good for you.couple this with the wigehts at home, and youlle be fine.oh, and by the way, google power of ten adam zickerman and get the bookits a workout that you do twice a week for 20 minutes, and its better than the 5 day a week, hour each day routinemy dad and i have both been doing this for 2 years, and it works really really well.so yeah, drink water before you eat to lose the extra fat, and use your wigehts for power of 10 to get musclegood luck!!!!!hope this helps!!!!!

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