Can a Jump Rope Routine Help You Burn Fat Fast?

Written by Francis Lucas on Wednesday, 07 March 2012.

Can a Jump Rope Routine Help You Burn Fat Fast?

What does Manny Pacquiao have in common with many young girls around the world? They both like to jump rope.

If you have watched a boxer working out on television or in the flesh, then you are probably aware that jumping rope is part of his training regimen. Boxers jump rope to warm up and to build agility, coordination, endurance, footwork, and quickness. But for those of us who aren’t pugilists, many fitness experts say jumping rope can help burn fat fast.

Not Just for Boxers and Kids

Jumping rope is one of the best types of aerobic exercise as it is convenient, inexpensive, easy to do, and helps you burn fat fast. It is one of the few exercises that helps boost your cardiovascular fitness while toning your muscles at the same time. A regular jump rope routine allows you to target many different muscle groups including problem areas like your abs, calves, and thighs.

According to the Jump Rope Institute, 10 minutes of non-stop jumping at 120 repetitions per minute (RPM) can provide the same benefits as:

  • two sets of a singles tennis match
  • 18 holes of golf
  • 30 minutes of jogging
  • 30 minutes of playing handball
  • swimming 720 yards

Edward Jackowski, author of Jump Into Fitness, describes jumping rope as an intensive aerobic exercise that has one-fifth the impact on the back and the knees compared to running. He also believes that it burns calories in less time.

Jump Rope to Boost HGH Production and Burn Fat Fast

If you want to make sure that you burn fat fast while you jump rope, use it for interval training. For example, jump rope as hard as you can for 30 seconds and recover for about 90 seconds. Jump rope again with the same intensity and recovery time until you reach eight repetitions.

Interval training can help naturally increase your production of human growth hormone (HGH), which helps promote muscle growth and burn excess fat fast. Your production of HGH peaks during adolescence and steadily declines as you grow older. This is why you must perform interval training workouts if you want to increase your HGH levels and burn fat fast.

You can boost your ability to burn fat fast using a jump rope by applying Sweet Sweat, the thermogenic workout enhancer, on areas you want to target like your abs and thighs. In fact, Sports Research, the manufacturer of Sweet Sweat, demonstrates the product’s workout-enhancing benefits at fitness expos by having a member of Team Sweet Sweat and/or a visitor jump rope for about 20 to 25 minutes. Sweet Sweat is applied to one side of the exerciser’s body before he or she jumps rope. A thermographic scanner measures and records heat patterns in the body. The side where Sweet Sweat was applied consistently registers a significant increase in temperature, showing the product’s potential to help you burn fat fast.

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Francis Lucas

Francis is an SEO copywriter and Internet marketing professional. When not blogging or creating content for web pages, he can be found running, dreaming that he is God’s gift to basketball and soccer, conspiring with the Dark Side, and inflicting his idiosyncrasies on family and friends.

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  • Vinni


    15 June 2012 at 05:42 |
    You will gain everything back plus more when you go off the pill. In aidotidn, many of them are dangerous for your heart they are essnetially legal speed.They artificially ramp your metabolism up, so that even with eating junk food, you still loose weight. Problem is you didnt change your diet, and the increase in metabolic rate was artifical. WHen you are no longer drugging yourself, your metabolic rate will slow down to below what it was before you artifically ramped it up, causing you to pack on weight, similar to the way you would while in starvation mode.You DO need to exercise, at a min.Where you should start depends on where you are now. Over working yourself will cause you to back track as well. If you are sedentary now, start with a daily walk short enough that you can handle it, long enough that you are actually getting exercise. Base the time on your ability currently.If you are pretty active, start with a beginners exercise vid or dvd that appeals to you.You should also consider diet modification if your diet is not healthy. You need a healthy balanced diet that should include healthy portions of all the food groups. If you arent ready to give up your junk food, concentrate on keeping proper portions. A lot of that involves behavior modification as well, simply to keep your diet in check. (diet as in, your nutrtional intake, not the 4 letter evil word that has become synonymous with starvation)I realize it sucks to hear it, but loosing weight and keeping it off really is an entire lifestyle change, and its hard. It doesnt happen over night. The few that make it happen over night are paying big bucks for trainers and nutritionists and their 40 hour work week consists of exercising as opposed to work. Its FAR easier to gain than it is to loose.
  • Kais


    15 June 2012 at 12:34 |
    Basically 3500 Calories equals 1 pound of weihgt loss, your body naturally burns calories doing essential things (breathing etc ) more muscle burns more calories and the best exercises to lose fat are cardio exercises which build lean muscles and use fat for energy.There is an ideal range to exercise in, for example just doing normal activities such as walking you burn about 50% fat to 50% of energy taken in that day from food, as you see this normally balances out and your body stores what is left over for the day as fat.It is recommended not to attempt to lose more than 2 to 2.5 pounds per week as this is very unhealthy and puts a lot of strain on your body, you may not feel it now but you will later.Either way to answer your question cardio is the best thing that you can do, just make sure that you stretch before and after exercising. Also mild weihgt training isn't a bad idea to help burn extra fat, because muscles use more energy. The fat in your abdominal area is burned via cardio and is easier fat to burn than fat on your hips.So run and do mild weihgts but don't overdue it or you will hurt your stamina, and this should get you where you want to be, Best of Luck!
  • muscle maximizer login

    muscle maximizer login

    19 October 2012 at 05:58 |
    Adding full grains to your diet may even aid you reach your goals muscle maximizer fitness guide Working out with No cost weights is on the list of ideal techniques for any individual to begin constructing muscle mass mass successfully
  • emporrydofe


    25 October 2012 at 23:11 |
    I encourage that you never eat fast food unless you absolutely must muscle maximizer diet Creating muscle means eating high quality calories in order to maximize muscle mass

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